Guided Meditation: Thought

20 minutes

Mingyur Rinpoche guides you through meditating with thought.

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July 23, 2012

5 responses on "Guided Meditation: Thought"

  1. Profile photo of cynthia

    Mingyur Rinpoche is so good at reassuring us that we can learn this – reducing our stress at possibly doing it wrong

    • Profile photo of sorjuana

      I agree. I’ve always meditated on the breath only and coming back to the breath when I notice ‘a story’ in my head. Very freeing to meditate on that little monkey and practice not letting him grab me.

  2. Profile photo of lynda

    I have found this guided meditation very helpful. I am very struck by Mingyur Rinpoche saying “mind and body together” and keeping this in mind seems to help my meditation. Is this something we should always remember at the beginning of a practice and during the practice? Is it just relevant to meditation on thought or for all practices? Thank you, Lynda

  3. Profile photo of ashleymenzies

    What a great way to relax. Thank you

  4. Profile photo of casistar

    my awareness can not catch up with my thought. It is always half a mile behind. Awareness is like a police coming when everything is over. can see ones thought simultaneously like seeing a movie.

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