Appreciative Joy: The Delight Of The Heart

47 minutes
by Myoshin Kelley

This talk points towards finding joy on the path of awakening.
Insight Meditation Society - Forest Refuge. Courtesy

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1 responses on "Appreciative Joy: The Delight Of The Heart"

  1. I remember when I first learned about the Four Immeasurables. I thought that Joy was something that I would never experience. I remember telling myself, that perhaps I would experience this in another life…not is this one. I had not know that staying on the path, meditating everyday, just trying to apply the teachings to my daily life, that things would change. The changes are ever so subtle, and also quite strong. At first looking at the possibility of happiness was scary. I am so grateful for these teachings. To all those who are sad, discouraged, or think as I did, that perhaps someone else got the happiness handbook, this is not true. There is so much happiness and joy to experience regardless of how difficult your life may have been or is currently. There is so much love as well.

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