KATHMANDU RETREATS 2024: Receive key Buddhist teachings in person from Mingyur Rinpoche at his home! Learn more.

KATHMANDU RETREATS 2024: Receive key Buddhist teachings in person from Mingyur Rinpoche at his home! Learn more.

Exploring Reality

Mingyur Rinpoche Introduces Exploring Reality

Course Overview

The Buddhist path to awakening transforms the way we see ourselves. Through the practice of meditation, we learn to examine our beliefs and assumptions and to explore our experience in the present moment. This exploration leads to a profound shift in perspective as we begin to see the unlimited potential of the mind and the spacious, fluid nature of perception.

In Tibetan Buddhism, the principles that guide this inner exploration are presented as the four systems of Buddhist thought. These four philosophical systems are practical in nature. They are roadmaps of the mind that can guide us in meditation and help us to undo the causes of confusion and suffering. For centuries, these four tenet systems have been taught, studied, and practiced in all of Tibet’s Buddhist lineages.

In this course, we will learn the most important principles of these traditions and how to move from understanding to direct experience in meditation. Our journey will be based on important texts from the lineage and video teachings from Mingyur Rinpoche on key points of study and practice. The course will also include live webinars with Mingyur Rinpoche and Tergar Instructors, discussion forums, an extensive workbook to deepen understanding and experience, and a range of other resources for study and practice.

Course Modules

Below is an outline of the course by topic and length of time spent on each topic during the course from October 2018 through January 2019.

  • Module 1: Introduction to the Buddhist View (4 weeks)
  • Module 2: Investigating the Self — The Views of the Vaibhashika and Sautrantika Schools (4 weeks)
  • Module 3: Non-Dual Mind — The Yogachara View (4 weeks)
  • Module 4: Beyond Concept — The Madhyamaka View (4 weeks)

What is included in this course?

  • Weekly video teachings from Mingyur Rinpoche, with video subtitles, audio files and transcripts
  • Weekly readings on the Buddhist view, meditation and application
  • Weekly audio introductions from Senior Tergar Instructors
  • Two webinars each month with Tergar Instructors and Mingyur Rinpoche (when his teaching schedule permits)
  • Optional personal practice interviews with the Tergar Instructors
  • A range of resources on the Buddhist philosophical schools, including additional teachings, practice workbooks, and more
  • A forum to discuss practice and ask questions

Who can take this course?

This course is open to all those with interest in deepening their understanding of the principles and practices of Tibetan Buddhism.

How much does it cost?

The Exploring Reality Course and other courses in Vajrayana Online are included as part of your monthly subscription to Vajrayana Online for as long as you remain subscribed. Visit Vajrayana Online to learn more.

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