KATHMANDU RETREATS 2024: Receive key Buddhist teachings in person from Mingyur Rinpoche at his home! Learn more.

KATHMANDU RETREATS 2024: Receive key Buddhist teachings in person from Mingyur Rinpoche at his home! Learn more.

Six Paramitas Online Course: Exploring Compassion and Wisdom

Let the flower of compassion bloom
In the soil of loving kindness.
Tend it with the pure water of equanimity
In the cool shade of joy.

~ Longchenpa, Kindly Bent to Ease Us

Course Overview

The six paramitas four-month course will explore the bodhisattva path, learning and practicing the key points of bodhichitta and the 6 paramitas. Our journey will focus on understanding the view of the bodhisattva path, as well as how to deepen our experience in meditation and apply our practice in everyday life. Each section of the program includes video teachings from Mingyur Rinpoche, readings from contemporary and classical Buddhist masters, and a range of resources to enrich your study and practice. The course will also include webinars with Mingyur Rinpoche and Tergar instructors, discussion forums, and an extensive paramitas workbook.

The heart of the Buddha’s teachings lies in the cultivation of wisdom and compassion. Wisdom helps us to uproot the causes of suffering and dissatisfaction, while compassion ensures that our journey will not only transform our own lives, but alleviate the suffering of others as well. Those who travel the path of wisdom and compassion are known as bodhisattvas – courageous individuals who have committed themselves to the awakening of all beings.

The path of the bodhisattva is most clearly expressed in the principle of bodhichitta and the practice of the six paramitas. Bodhichitta is the union of wisdom and compassion, the deep insight into the nature of reality and the compassionate intention to help all beings awaken. Bodhichitta is applied in daily life through the 6 paramitas – the six transcendent practices of generosity, ethical conduct, patience, joyful effort, meditation, and wisdom.

Course Modules

Below is an outline of the course by topic and length of time spent on each topic during the course from May through August.

  • Module 1: The Path of the Bodhisattva (4 weeks)
  • Module 2: Generosity and Ethical Conduct (4 weeks)
  • Module 3: Patience and Joyful Effort (4 weeks)
  • Module 4: Meditation and Wisdom (4 weeks)

What is included in this course?

  • Weekly audio and video teachings from Mingyur Rinpoche, with video subtitles and transcripts
  • Weekly readings on the six paramitas
  • Weekly audio introductions from Senior Tergar Instructors
  • Two webinars each month with Tergar Instructors and Mingyur Rinpoche when his teaching schedule permits
  • Optional personal practice interviews with the Tergar Instructors
  • A range of resources for the six paramitas, including additional teachings, practice workbooks, and more
  • A forum to discuss practice and ask questions

Who can take this course?

This course is open to all those with interest in deepening their understanding of the principles and practices of Tibetan Buddhism.

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