About the Nectar of the Path Course

"Wherever you are, whatever you do, it’s essential to acknowledge your experience as something ordinary, the natural expression of your true mind. If you don’t try to stop whatever is going on in your mind, but merely observe it, eventually you’ll begin to feel a tremendous sense of relaxation, a vast sense of openness within your mind - which is in fact the natural mind, the naturally unperturbed background against which various thoughts come and go."

- Mingyur Rinpoche

Nectar of the Path is a concise liturgy composed by Mingyur Rinpoche to distill the key points of the Buddhist path as a reminder for daily practice. Each module includes teachings from Mingyur Rinpoche, detailed practice instructions, readings and suggestions for study, as well as webinars and short introductions from Senior Tergar Instructors.

What is included in this course?

  • Video teachings from Mingyur Rinpoche
  • Teachings modules covering topics on The Four Thoughts, Refuge, Bodhicitta, and Guru Yoga
  • Guided instruction on the specifics of how to practice Nectar of the Path
  • Traditional and contemporary readings from the lineage masters and modern teachers
  • Audio introductions from Senior Tergar Instructors
  • Recordings of course webinars with Mingyur Rinpoche and the Instructors
  • Optional individual practice interviews
  • A forum to discuss practice and ask questions

Who can take this course?

This course is open to all those with interest in deepening their understanding of the principles and practices of Tibetan Buddhism.

How much does it cost?

The Nectar of the Path and other courses in Vajrayana Online are included as part of your monthly subscription to Vajrayana Online for as long as you remain subscribed. Visit Vajrayana Online to learn more.

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