Mingyur Rinpoche: Dreaming, Dying, and Awareness

Dreaming, Dying and Awareness: An Evening Talk with Buddhist meditation master Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche and neuroscientist Dr. Richard Davidson will be live streamed from New York’s historic Riverside Church.

Rinpoche will offer teachings on sleeping, dreaming, and ways to approach death with dignity, awareness, and care. Rinpoche will be joined by Neuroscientist Dr. Richard Davidson who will offer a scientific perspective based on his research on the neural bases of emotion and methods to promote human flourishing.

The live stream will start at 7:30pm EDT on July 13th. Just visit this page to watch. If you can't tune in at that time, a recording of the talk will be posted here within a few days of the live event.

Or, watch directly on Livestream

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July 12, 2016

15 responses on "Mingyur Rinpoche: Dreaming, Dying, and Awareness"

  1. Thank you! If we can’t tune in during the live event will we able to watch it later?

  2. Fantastic! Thank you Rinpoche and Tergar!

  3. Many thanks to Max and all involved in bringing Rinpoche’s talk to us. It’s great that people all over the world will be able to tune in.

  4. Thank you so much for making this talk available – I look forward to watching it today!

  5. This is great! I think some non-US members (like me) were starting the dream yoga without the proper explanations of Mingyur Rinpoche. Maybe there will be a complete teaching available in the future (on DVD or other)?

  6. Thank you, see you in Puebla, México next week

  7. That was terrific. Thanks so much for streaming. It’s a great use of technology.

  8. Thank you so much for all your efforts and kindness in making this event available to so many people. Priceless. Best regards.

  9. Excellent presentation. Very insightful. Thank you for offering this. Goodnight from Florida. 🙂

  10. Indeed captivating. A state of awareness keeps us very much in the present …but I would love to understand how one can apply this concept in every activity we undertake ….how do we translate it into actionable results….after all the purpose of life is to be purposeful and use every moment of our life to seek a larger cause …so that when the body disassociates from the “I” ( what we term as death) , you still have an enriched experience that moves along.!

  11. Thank you both for this enlightening and fascinating presentation. I enjoyed the intertwining of the strands of meditation and neuroscience. I was very intrigued by the Richie’s last response about the location of mind and that there are more neurons in the gut than in the brain. What a mind-blower so to speak! I’d love to know more about that!

    Even though I missed the livestream, I watched it just a few hours after it ended.

    Again, many thanks to all who helped make this marvelous event possible!
    I was going to sign off and say, “Sweet dreams!”, but then… maybe not!
    Bon Voyage from Julia in Eugene, Oregon

  12. Thank you warmly for making this great presentation available to all of us!

  13. Hello everyone,
    we also have to be careful about terminology: My mother tongue is German, and the word “mind” is not so easy to translate in one single word. There are many words that are used in the German language for the English word “mind”, depending largely on the context, but interestingly enough, all of these words also have an English equivalent. (spirit, thought, predisposition, brain, intelligence, head, senses, way of thinking etc etc)
    So how do we pin-point a non-physical (?) entity with a single word accurately?
    I have learned that in the Tibetan language the concept of compassion includes the self as much as others, where as in English, it mainly or exclusively denotes others.
    In Arctic regions, there are many words for “snow”, where as in Australia, there is only one word for snow.
    I admire Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche and Richard Davidson for taking questions from the audience.

  14. Thank you!!!! This is so awesome!!!! Thank you for making it available

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