Retreat in Daily Life

Mingyur Rinpoche is now on 3-year-retreat. How might we do meditation retreat with our responsibilities of work and family? In this teaching, Rinpoche gives a number of examples of how we can integrate meditation into our daily lives. Watch the video and then discuss it in the Video Seminar Forum under the topic How to Do Retreat in Daily Life.

Reflection Questions
Rinpoche explains how we might fit extended retreat into our lives. Have any of you experimented with doing retreat in your home as he describes? What was your experience?
How might we use "moments of awareness" in our daily lives to make the entire day meaningful?
Rinpoche talks about the importance of intention and dedication in our meditation. Have you found that dedication or intention changes your relationship with your daily activities?
Have you tried using meditation "reminders" in your daily life or tried counting your moments of awareness?
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