On Retreat with My Teacher

        Lama Tashi speaking to meditation students 2017

"The main benefit of retreat is actually that all of your time, the whole time — three-year retreat or one-month retreat or whatever time — is dedicated to practice. You have more time. Also, the benefit of retreat is application. You really have to apply the teachings, whatever you have learned. If you stay in retreat, then you have full time that you can apply whatever teachings you have received. You can really learn; you can really absorb the teachings. That is the whole purpose of retreat."
- Lama Tashi

Left - Lama Tashi and Mingyur Rinpoche on wandering retreat 2013. Right - Mingyur Rinpoche and Lama Tashi 2017

In this delightful one-hour interview (see below), recorded shortly after his return from his own wandering retreat, Lama Tashi talks with A Joyful Mind Director Paul MacGowan about the challenges and rewards of retreat, and in particular about what it was like to accompany Mingyur Rinpoche on his extended wandering retreat.

Lama Tashi and Mingyur Rinpoche surrounded by students

Listen to the inspiring interview with Lama Tashi on the audio player below.

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March 3, 2017

3 responses on "On Retreat with My Teacher"

  1. Very inspiring. Thank you for sharing your travel experiences. I enjoyed the small amount of time we had with you a number of years ago at St. John’s Nature of Mind teachings in Minnesota . I wish you well Lama Tashi.

  2. Wonderful interview with precious stories and insights.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this inspiring experiences. So touching.

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