Mind Like Space ~ Finding Inner Freedom through Meditation

By Mingyur Rinpoche 5 minutes
In this short video, Tibetan meditation teacher Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche explains how the nature of awareness is like wide open space. By exploring awareness itself, he explains, we come to see that all the fleeting thoughts and emotions that move through awareness do not alter the fundamental purity and goodness of our true nature. Meditation, then, is simply the process of getting to know awareness. This video is excerpted from a series of teachings entitled, Ngöndro: The Foundational Practices, Parts I & II, available in the Tergar Online Store.

December 1, 2011

2 responses on "Mind Like Space ~ Finding Inner Freedom through Meditation"

  1. What wonderful instructions. It is as if Rinpoche is here with me in my home!

    One thing that really strikes me is the the analogy to the bumpy road. It really does seem that my experience is shifted and thrown around all too often by circumstances. Almost a feeling of not having control. Much like being a passenger in a car on that bumpy road he refers to. In contrast, it feels like when I am able to meditate a bit, the road doesn’t change, but my shock absorbers seems to improve, and my experience, although it is still changing much of the time, becomes a bit more gentle and gradual. I would love to hear others reactions.

    Thank you, Rinpoche!

  2. These videos are priceless reminders and teachings. I have heard Rinpoche discuss the difference between the ‘expression’ of mind and the ‘essence’ of mind so many times and my reaction is a relaxation, an innate understanding of ‘this is how it is. Yet most of the day i mistake the expression as my experience and am caught in the desire of wanting something other than what is. Flashing on open awareness offers a taste of liberation and the humility to allow things simply to be the display of awareness.

    Where is he now? In the spaciousness of all of our hearts!

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