KATHMANDU RETREATS 2024: Receive key Buddhist teachings in person from Mingyur Rinpoche at his home! Learn more.

KATHMANDU RETREATS 2024: Receive key Buddhist teachings in person from Mingyur Rinpoche at his home! Learn more.

Introduction to Nectar of the Path

32 minutes
Tim Olmsted

Senior Tergar Instructor Tim Olmsted introduces the Buddhist practice Mingyur Rinpoche wrote in 2010 called "The Nectar of the Path" for anyone interested in beginning the practice, or in enriching their understanding of the practice. This is an overview of the nature of the practice and the meaning of the various aspects of the practice. You can follow along with the practice itself by listening to the Nectar of the Path audio tracks in the Practice section of this Library.

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Click here for the transcript of this recording, Introduction to the Nectar of the Path, by Senior Tergar Instructor Tim Olmsted.

October 7, 2013

8 responses on "Introduction to Nectar of the Path"

  1. Thank you for this rich and wonderful talk – it moved me deeply. I felt tenderness for myself and others in contemplating that this constant search for happiness and relief from dis-ease IN EVERY MOMENT, this instinctive knowing that we haven’t experienced the peace that is there for us, are in fact signs of our innate love, compassion and wisdom. Especially radical to hear that this feeling that everything is “off” is a sign of our innate wisdom not a sign of our fundamental “wrongness or badness”. This teaching is so contrary to the way I habitually perceive things that I have heard similar teachings before but not really felt them. Somehow the clarity in which they were expressed penetrated more this time.

  2. Thank you so very much for the talk …. Your explanation on Guru devotion and how this acts as a bridge is so wonderful and clear. Your talk was very beneficial and thank you once again.

  3. Tim, “How nice” someone asked you to speak to us about this.
    And your teachings are also a ‘bridge’ toward understanding for my Western ears.

  4. Thank you for the explanation of visualizing the guru as a Buddha. I had the thought of the true guru being visualized as an Archetype that was meaningful to me, but I also see the benefit of visualizing the teacher as that archetype, or Buddha.

  5. Tim, thank you so much for your beautiful teaching about a beautiful and profound teaching.

  6. TMany many thank-yous – the talk provides the ground and inspiration for this incredible practice. I have a quick question. At the end of the talk, a second teacher is mentioned. It sounds like either Soygal Rinpoche or Tsokyni Rinpoche but I could not tell. I wonder if it would be possible to clarify the name? Thank you !

  7. Thank you Tim! You have a great way of putting things into context, and I appreciate it very much.

  8. Thank you so much for the talk Tim. You explained it all very clearly for Westerners! It was very moving.

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