Guided Meditation: Pain

20 minutes
Mingyur Rinpoche guides you through meditating through pain.

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July 23, 2012

3 responses on "Guided Meditation: Pain"

  1. Profile photo of tatemae5460

    This is very good when I meditate but when I stop meditation I feel again the physical pain and the mental pain coming from the first pain and emotion becomes great and stressful. how can I achieve calm even when I don’t meditate?

  2. Profile photo of kathy

    That is a question I have grappled with a lot myself. For me it is a process, no quick answer or change, BUT it is a big deal to realize I can deal with the pain even for a few moments during meditation. This gives me the experience I can come back to, and know that it is even possible to work with my mind during pain. I’ve been working with this for years and for me it does change things. It you take the Joy of Living courses there are different techniques in each of the three levels for working with pain. They have all been helpful to me.

  3. Profile photo of tatemae5460

    Thank You. It’s hard to find peace when I am not meditating but I will do my best. Thanks for your help.

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