Guided Meditation: Sound

20 minutes

Mingyur Rinpoche guides you through meditating with sound.

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July 23, 2012

3 responses on "Guided Meditation: Sound"

  1. these guided meditations help me let go of my negative judgments
    e.g. that sound is bad, that sound hurts, that sound intrudes in my life
    instead I realize they don’t really touch me, I can just notice them

  2. I have recently noticed that when there is no sound or very little, that there is a sound available
    inside my head that I can use as an object meditation. It can even be heard in noisy
    environments if I remember to listen for it.

  3. While practicing there was the distant sound of a small airplane engine that grew louder. What I noticed is that I didn’t say to myself, that’s a small airplane, but simply heard the sound without labeling that with an idea of what it is. Sounds that grow louder are interesting because there is a moment when they are not in your auditory field and then they “appear” and increase in volume, and you become aware of them within a larger sense of spaciousness.

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