Guided Meditation: Thought

20 minutes

Mingyur Rinpoche guides you through meditating with thought.

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August 19, 2012

4 responses on "Guided Meditation: Thought"

  1. Hello, this is a very subtle meditation. I find that I have to be very gentle to watch my thoughts. I have always tried to be so perfect. And what I see a lot when I practice this is just thoughts, ideas that come in and out, a feeling of being alone, interesting that that comes up when I am with this group. Onee question, sometimes when I relax in meditation on the cushion I get a headache. So I say hello to this like a friend, and sometimes it softens and then returns in strength. Do others have a similar sensation?

    • Thanks for sharing your experience, Lisa. I don’t get headaches when i meditate, but i do get headaches fairly regularly and often use them as a support for practice. Part of me wants to resist the headache, so often times i won’t even make the effort to use the feelings as a support for awareness, but when i do i find it very rewarding. Sometimes the pain diminishes, sometimes it doesn’t, but I find that i don’t really care when i’m able to just be aware of it.

  2. Hola!, gracias por la meditación :), solo que al minuto 3.50 se repite y empieza de nuevo, ojalá puedan solucionarlo para seguir meditando con éste tema, muchas gracias.

  3. My awareness can not catch up with my thoughts. Awareness is always half a mile behind my thoughts. Can anyone share their experience on this please?

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