The Difficulty of Practicing Loving Kindness and Compassion for Ourselves

8 minutes
Edwin Kelley

In this short teaching, Tergar Instructor Edwin Kelley discusses how many of us have difficulty practicing loving kindness and compassion with ourselves as the subject and how important it is that we learn to do so. This recording was part of an online Joy of Living Level II workshop held in April, 2013. Edwin is assisted by Tergar practice leader Diane McQueen-Smith.

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July 3, 2013

6 responses on "The Difficulty of Practicing Loving Kindness and Compassion for Ourselves"

  1. Profile photo of kathy

    This is my favorite of the short teachings from the Joy of Living Webinars. It really sticks with me. Thank you Edwin!

  2. Profile photo of llarabyth

    Wonderful, just what I needed to hear. Thanks Edwin and Diane!

  3. Profile photo of llarabyth

    PS- really loved the freight train metaphor. 🙂

  4. Profile photo of susanzwaagdijk

    This is a great question and one which i struggle with. Gracie asked if there was any additional insight or activity she could be doing to enhance her practice of loving kindness to herself. If I am to understand Edwin’s answer to this question it’s ‘no’. He concluded his
    comments by saying to persevere and hopefully with time this ingrained self judgement will alleviate. Am I correct in understanding Edwin’s answer?

  5. Profile photo of kathryneve

    As Edwin conveyed, “perseverance” is key.

    Many years ago, a spiritual teacher reminded me that I cannot have freedom without form. So in other words, if I want to be free,
    then I need to apply discipline (anytime/anywhere attitude) in my daily formal and informal meditation practices. By doing so,
    I am building up my perseverance quota. The return I receive on my investment is an increased ability to be kind and compassionate
    to myself, and in turn, others.

    Kathryn Eve

  6. Profile photo of lharrison

    I would like a guided meditation on basic goodness. I do the Loving Kindness and Compassion for Oneself, and I do really enjoy and get alot out of that one. Basic Goodness is a difficult concept to really accept fully on a deep level though, I find.

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