Resting the Mind as it Is

72 minutes
Edwin Kelley

In this talk, Tergar Instructor Edwin Kelley discusses a key meditation instruction. This recording was made at the Tergar Meditation Community in Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN.

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August 9, 2013

3 responses on "Resting the Mind as it Is"

  1. This is a great talk–full of gems of personal insight and good advice. For instance, Edwin saying that what we don’t like in ourselves is not who we really are. This is worth contemplating. And the story near the end about Edwin asking Mingyur Rinpoche what made everything work out so easily and almost magically around him, and Mingyur Rinpoche’s ready answer. And that crucial point that if we know how to rest the mind as it is, then we know everything we need to know about practice. It’s worth hearing again.

  2. I am so grateful for these teachings. When I first started meditation, I was at such a deep state of both depression and denial. I had been at the library and there was Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche’s face smiling up at me from the cover of his book as if to say that even I could be happy. Through tremendous courage, dedication, perseverance, devotion I have completed transformed my tendencies toward a very negative outlook. And what is emerging is this lovely spontaneous joy. Along with this is the compassionate heart. This compassion is the natural expression of the heart, the mind. I had always worried that I might not have this quality. Through the teaching and the practice, I now know that along with our pure nature, our love and compassion is right there.

  3. I really enjoyed this teaching and jotted down a lot of what was said. Resting-the-mind-as-it-is ought to be simple, but for the moment I am finding it more difficult even than following the breath. I got a lot of tips out of this teaching, even though I realize I shouldn’t get too caught up in looking for tips and practical advice, but just rather get on with it! (resting the mind, that is).

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