Radiance Interview with Myoshin Kelley

Radiance is a cable access talk show about meditation based in Brooklyn, covering different meditation techniques from various traditions. In this edition, host Kathy Koller and Tergar Instructor Myoshin Kelley discuss Open Awareness meditation and Myoshin's own personal journey as a meditator.

Part 1: Open Awareness Practice

(26 minutes)

Part 2: Personal Journey

(27 minutes)

May 4, 2015

5 responses on "Radiance Interview with Myoshin Kelley"

  1. I just watched the first part of this interview. Very helpful and inspiring. I was feeling a bit in a rut with my practice, so it came at the perfect time to give me a boost and to remind me what I should focus on (lightly!).

  2. Myoshin’s explanation of Open Awareness practice is excellent. I would love to share this others!

  3. The second part of the interview is also interesting. It improved as the interviewer talked less and let Myoshin express herself more. Myoshin’s life journey with meditation inspires me.

  4. It was like ‘old’ times listening to Myoshin . She has guided me on ( I think) three four week retreat in Barre Mass. I still do ‘ pen awareness’
    There is a wonderful peace and for a time no ego !
    Thank u Myoshin

  5. Thank you Myoshin for sharing your personal journey! I hope to meet you and learn from you in person one day!

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