Three Types of Awareness and the Joy of Living Levels

5 minutes
Edwin Kelley

In this short teaching, Tergar Instructor Edwin Kelley discusses the three types of awareness and the way these relate to Tergar's Joy of Living Levels. This recording was part of an online Joy of Living Level II workshop held in April, 2013. Edwin is assisted by Tergar practice leader Diane McQueen-Smith.

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August 5, 2015

1 responses on "Three Types of Awareness and the Joy of Living Levels"

  1. Thanks Edwin for clarifying these three types of awarenesses . Very clear. I came across this audio spontaneously while sitting on my cushion reflecting on MR’s brilliant ability to bring the student to the recognition of awareness. Shifting from “mindfulness” to recognizing cognizant nature can sometimes be difficult for the western student who may be already super-schooled in approaches emphasizing “mindfulness meditation.” I notice that MR doesn’t often use the term “mindfulness.” I appreciate your explanation re the three awarenesses in the JOL courses and thank Cynthia for asking the question.

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