KATHMANDU RETREATS 2024: Receive key Buddhist teachings in person from Mingyur Rinpoche at his home! Learn more.

KATHMANDU RETREATS 2024: Receive key Buddhist teachings in person from Mingyur Rinpoche at his home! Learn more.

Open Awareness Guided Meditation

20 minutes

Listen to this open awareness guided meditation led by Mingyur Rinpoche.

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March 28, 2023

6 responses on "Open Awareness Guided Meditation"

  1. Very nice. I’ve been “resting in open awareness” at various free moments of the day, sometimes for only about 5 minutes at a time at a time. I don’t know how helpful that’s considered to be, but I figure I might as well, since I have those moments free. I do tend to do it a few times a day.

  2. So helpful during the daytime !
    Work is much more easier when Im going to allow myself to rest, when Im tired but not only “rest” better
    rest in awareness. Things can come… like my lost EC Card 😉
    Thank you Rinpoche La for the leadining.
    Martina Yeshe

  3. Thank you Rinpoche and Tergar Support. I just practiced this meditation. It was amazing to be with the awareness itself, crisp, still and silent. Only to be hijacked often by thoughts, stories. Sometimes I would become aware of the story unfolding in the space of my mind. And then the voice of Rinpoche would come and I would be back feeling the presence of awareness. Felt like a grounding.
    I have a question though. Is the focus of this meditation awareness itself? Because sometimes I would feel my awareness turn upon itself. Or is it just meditation without an object?

  4. @chasingpagodas Great question. This meditation on open awareness is used by Mingyur Rinpoche over and over
    again in combination with other teachings and practices. In my experience, looking at my mind during this meditation
    has made this biggest difference in my practice. I would invite you to continue doing this practice and to do other practices,
    especially the practices in Joy of Living Level 1, and to watch how your experience of this meditation changes, or doesn’t.
    This is also a great meditation to do in free moments in everyday life.
    Best to you,
    Tergar Practice Leader NYC

  5. I wanted to use this meditation with our Tergar group but when I listened to it there was only talking for the first few minutes. It keeps going but there is no sound after that. I looked for it on youtube and couldn’t find it there. thanks

  6. There is no voice on this medication. The file seems to be empty

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