Guided Meditation: Emotion

20 minutes

Mingyur Rinpoche guides you through meditating with emotion.

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July 23, 2012

3 responses on "Guided Meditation: Emotion"

  1. Profile photo of mia1924

    First, many thanks for making this available!
    This was a very interesting exercise for me, in particular the fact that I couldn’t find an emotion on site when I was trying to
    mediate on one. I had to force the recollection emotional instances to think about them. I choose to do this meditation
    because I usually have a very hard time controlling my emotions and typically make decisions based more on those
    emotions than rather than thought or practicality. Generally I also feel strongly about most things, most of the time,
    so I was surprised about the difficulty of finding and sticking to an an emotion to meditate on. Toward the end of the
    session I had a very beautiful pleasant happy feeling, but I also felt it was a bit sneaky. That is I felt I was giving myself a
    pleasant distraction away from the meditation. Thanks again!

  2. Profile photo of kathy

    @Oana Great comments! Mingyur Rinpoche gives teachings on working on with emotions in the Tergar courses. These are available both online and in workshops all over the world. See

    Thanks so much for your post!

  3. Profile photo of dianarmolinarigmail-com

    No emoltions were available as I sat. So I tried focusing my solar plexus where I feel emotions, at the same time thinking of something that was bothering me. This produced tiny disturbance which I could use for my meditation.
    On another occasion I was able to intercept an instance of impatience as soon as it hit me. After a few seconds of awareness it dissipated.

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