Guided Meditation on Love and Compassion for Oneself

Tergar Instructor Myoshin Kelley guides us in love and compassion meditation for oneself. Recorded in Minneapolis, November, 2012.

When meditating on loving-kindness and compassion, we begin by learning to appreciate ourselves. Learning to fully accept and love ourselves enables us to understand the basic human desires to be happy and free from suffering.

20 minutes

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NOTE: There are significant silent pauses in this practice to allow for contemplation and meditation.


December 20, 2014

10 responses on "Guided Meditation on Love and Compassion for Oneself"

  1. Thanks Myoshin! Quite beautiful and useful..

  2. Thank you Myoshin! It was a good help and better than just reading about it.:-)

  3. thank you Myoshin… very helpful and peaceful… .

  4. Dear Myoshin
    The guided meditation is great. It reminds me of ‘old times’ I often practice with this recording.
    Best wishes to you and your husband

  5. Forever grateful to the Tergar community for having so many resources available! Makes me feel close to my sangha and precious teacher even when thousands of miles apart. Thank you Myoshin la!!

  6. Thank you, @MYOSHIN. Very beautiful. I felt the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas sharing their love for me as I did this meditation.

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